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We Believe

A little of fancy in every thought is necessary

Our Mission

Can you imagine what could possibly happen if would be possible to combine C3-PO mind with Han Solo unpredictable attitude?
If the answer is “no”, then you must hurry home and watch Star Wars, otherwise you’re in the right place.
JFStudio blend the most creative minds to your astonishing ideas to create new and original projects to make the e-world a better place! We do that and we love that every second of it.

How this happened

This story start with a name. Jean is a major geek since 1982. He has been a Video editor, Graphic designer, Web designer and most of all a Mechatronic and Robotics Engineer… obviously he fell in love with Matlab and Simulink.

His creative and restless mind led him to practice different activities that forged his perosnality. Jean is indeed an Amateur photographer, a TV Show addicted, a DIY supporter, a Diver and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt.

The name of his most important creation is JFStudio (at least until now), a place where he can share his works and his knowledge easily and permit to clients to find him.

Now stop talking about myself in third person. If you are interested in me and want more technical information here is where you could find more of them